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Happy Wife - Happy Life

Ethne at Flaming Stitches is hosting a Charley Harper QAL. She obtained permission from his estate for us to reproduce his work as long as we don't sell the finished product, and since I've always loved Charley Harper's work this seemed like an especially fun thing to join. 
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I mentioned last week that I had been hand-painting some fabric; and though I usually clean up such projects with batting scraps (for use in later projects); the piece I had on hand was "full", so I just grabbed this fabric remnant I had (a poly-blend taffeta) and used it to mop up.
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For inspiration Friday, have a look at what I bought on Tuesday! :)

Want a closer look at what's inside??

Lovely cotton solids..

Some pretty greys..



The one on the left is an incredible buttah soft linen. I just wanna stroke it and stroke it.

So, that was my shopping trip!

I have vacation coming up this week and it's a staycation, so guess what I'll be doing?


Have a great weekend!
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Quilting in Pakistan

I'm sure we're all aware that we North Americans aren't the only ones who quilt - and I'm sure most of us know that North Americans didn't "invent" quilting (although I read a blog post two or three years ago where at least one of us was convinced that we had!).

But did you know that there is a quilting tradition in Pakistan (where they are called Rallis) that is perhaps thousands of years old, and that the men of Pakistan continue to use those same patterns for their quilts even to the present day? I didn't! These days women as well as men continue to make rallis, all through India and Pakistan.

But don't think I'm so smart - I didn't know any of this until I read an article in Fabrications last year. What I'm amazed by is how "modern" these ancient traditional patterns look.

And also *ahem* somewhat familiar?

Cross border shopping, anyone?


"Tumult - In Memory of Lives Lost"

In Memory of Lives Lost
March, 2011


Hand painted fabric, lightly embellished with blue, grey and pink roving and decorative yarn. Quilted

Close up - top right corner

Close up - the sea around Japan.


My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.
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Busy week!

so busy, I totally forgot my Wednesday post!

But check out this pretty...

and see you Monday!
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Casting about...

II pulled some things to work on.  I didn't realize that I had so many WIPs!

Moon River...

Hanging Ten...
On Parade...

Happily Ever After...

So, what did I choose?

Stay tuned...


and how was your weekend?
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Back Seat Driver

My Quilt Art group's challenge for March was to a: produce a landscape and b: make it something other than rectangle or square.
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For your inspiration (and mine)

I saw this in the Doll Quilt Swap Flickr pool by Spicy Pepper:

Now, it's a doll quilt - so it's teeny weeny; and you know I could never (ever!) be bothered to hand stitch all those squares, so I'd have to piece it - but just imagine: just imagine this quilt in real people size.


I know, eh?

So now, go out and do eeetttt!


(and have a great weekend too!)
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Wednesday Not-A-Wip

Perhaps I should start calling it "introduction Wednesday" because instead of a WIP I have another new friend to introduce you to. Perhaps that's a misnomer - she's a great love, rather than a friend.  May I introduce, Baby-Belle:

Isn't she pretty?  

*hee*  Okay, okay, perhaps describing her as my "great love" is a little over the top; but boy, I really do love her.  She's a HP Pavillion - Entertainment Notebook Series.  I don't really know what all of that means, but I know she has 2GB, she runs Microsoft Office, she's as speedy as my desktop when I'm online (which is pretty darn speedy), I can upload, store and play with my pics in various programs, I can fax and she has a built-in internet stick so I can access anything online anywhere.  And did I mention this all comes in a teeny tiny package?  And you know who much I love doll-sized things!

So, because she only weighs 3 pounds she needs something to protect her while I'm carrying her around, right? Right!  Enter a tote bag for Baby-Belle!

Here she is all snuggled in.  She has an inner pocket for her mouse pad (I always use external mice because I don't like the touchpads on laptops as rule), and a little room in case I need to put a paper notebook in there; 

and I also made this cool inner pocket that has an elasticized cubby for her mouse, and the separate components of her cord.

It's the first time I've made elasticized pockets (you can see my first attempt - sewing the elastic directly to the pocket - which I don't like cause [duh!] the elastic shows), and then the other two with hemmed pockets for the elastic. 

It was also my first go with grommets which wasn't entirely successful (they're there, but fairly rough around the edges), and my first go with a zippered tote - which turned out rather well. 

I like the little purse format for Baby-Belle; but I also want to work on another, more sophisticated container for her, even if her name is Baby-Belle. 

But. that's another project for another day. Lots going on in the sewing room right now - after such a long fallow period, it's a bit schizophrenic in there with my trying to get all of my ideas out at once!

On Friday - the return of Friday Flickr Faves. 

Till then...