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You may have noticed already,

but due to the current insanity of my life:

Stay tuned for Friday links posts, though.
I'll  be back when the new studio is up and running, hopefully mid-June.
Love you, see you, BYE! :)

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Week Links Post - 18

The QC Times out of  Davenport, IA,  has an article about two fiber exhibits opening at the Figge Art Museum.  The above piece by Nick Cave called "Soundsuit" is part of the exhibition. You can read about that HERE.

I never do this, but there's a first time for everything. If you live in Bainbridge, the Bainbridge Modern Quilt Guild has an open call for entry for a show at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. You can also make blocks for "American Hero Quilts" at that show.  Check that out here

There's an article HERE in the New York Times about fiber artist Hugo Guinness. (I want to be a "decorator's darling" too. Where do I sign up for that? ;) )

The Smithsonian has announced their annual photo contest winners HERE

More news about that art in Detroit story, the Judge has ruled that the art cannot be taken for inspection. HERE

After 13 years as a brick and mortar business, Berman Fine Art Gallery has advised that it will now be online only. Could this be the wave of the future? Here's what it might look like (and it looks good!)  Berman Fine Art Gallery

Kate Themel has announced the opening of a new fiber exhibit entitled "Quilts Then and Now" at the Windham Textile Museum. You can read more about that HERE

I think I've sent you to the Google Art Project before, but I read about it on someone else's blog this week, and I couldn't remember whether I had done so or not, so go check that out HEREIt's pretty cool - you can look at 345 art collections that showcase the work of 8,541 artists. You can enter an artist's name in the search box to see the work up close and personal, or click on the details option to find out more about the artist. There's lots of ways you can play with it, including curating a gallery of what you love best.  And looking at other art can only make us better, right? :)

The Hampton Roads out of Virginia, SC (rather surprisingly) has an article about that age-old questions, "But is it art?".  The piece they're showing as an example of this question is one I am bemused and amused by myself, so it's good to know I'm not alone! Check that out HERE.

Related, the New York Times has an article about Juliette Binoche's work on Broadway, where she plays a painter. But she actually paints the art in the show, and I've gotta say, it looks like art to me. But without intention, is it art? Before you answer that, think about the Gees Bends quilts, which are certainly sold as art, whether you think they are or not, and the makers never made them with the intention to hang them so...?   Check out the article HERE

Similarly, the Idaho Statesman out of Boise, Idaho also tackles the "Is it art or is it craft?" question, HERE


Fiber Art In The News!

North America

The Tri-Cities Courier out of Tennessee  has an article about (believe it or not!) whether fiber art is art! They talk to artists and a gallery owner here

The Reedly Exponent does a short interview with the Fletchers about their quilt show at the West Coast Mennonite Central Committee here

Dayton Daily News out of  Ohio has an article outlining various upcoming events, including a show called "Without A Word", quilts by the Art Quit Network at the Zanesville Art Museum featuring quilts by Nancy Crow (!) I would love to see that!  here

Grand Traverse Insider out of   Traverse, Michigan, has a article about a show that features four different artists, one of whom is an art quilter, Robin Webb-Bransky, that article is here

The Baltimore Sun out of Baltimore, Maryland,  has an article about an art quilt exhibit here

The San Francisco Gate has an article about the Oaklands area textile art scene, here

The Great Falls Tribuine our of Missoula, Montana has an article about Bonnie Tarses's show at the Four Ravens Gallery here


The Midhurst And Petworth out of West Sussex in the UK has an article about Peg Loom's weaving, here

The Kuna Net out of Kuwait has an article about the Textile Arts Association 15th annual art show, here

And that's all she wrote!

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Week Links Post - 17

No article associated with this picture, but apparently, artist  Yinka Shonibare wraps his books  in his own African wax-print fabrics. Love that idea! I could more easily accomplish this having taken pictures of my fabrics and artworks and then printing them on paper. Might be a fun project!

So, THIS is a rather depressing article, but on the other hand it's about the Seattle art scene. So if you live in Seattle, uhmmm, sorry, but for the rest of us: Phew! lol  Anyway, it's a really interesting read because the artist in question is "priced out" of the Seattle art market (which is apparently, the most depressed art market in the US); so he conducts an experiment to see if he can sell factory-made "reproductions" of his work as a: art, and b: at an affordable price that will be purchased by Seattle collectors.   I haven't quite decided what the take-away from this should be - I have to let it marinate a bit more...but it's disturbing on a lot of levels...

Over at Beautiful Decay, they're featuring Jon Crispin's photo series about the abandoned suitcases (along with their contents) of dead mental patients.  The contents of these suitcases open up so many questions - chief among them (for me)- was were these patients actually mentally ill? The fact that they were women, and in some cases artists (based on the contents of their suitcases), and the time frame in which they were institutionalized makes me think that they were just inconvenient or "ill-behaved", possibly suffragates or feminists who were put away. Anyway! They made my imagination (and my feminists principles!)  run wild. You can find those photos HERE
Robert Genn's letter this week inspired some rather interesting discussion in the comments. Please read his letter because it's always enjoyable, but, in short, he discovered that a "local eccentric" had stolen quite a number of his paintings from Robert's storage unit. His letter amusingly tells the tale of his learning of this and his retrieval of them, HERE. Surprisingly (to me) about half of the commenters felt that he should have left the gentleman with his stolen booty as Robert didn't even realize that they were gone, and therefore, wouldn't miss them. I was shocked by the idea that this fellow should be rewarded for his thievery, and also that anyone could think that an artist should release his or her work into the wild, for free, when that's how they earn their living, but everyone's different, I suppose. Please read the letter and then discuss. What do you think?
There's a rather hyperbolic article about the (truly) amazing work of a child prodigy Dusan Krtolica here; although his talent is remarkable, I doubt he is cognizant of the fact that his work is being described as containing   "...  an ineffable quality of life and vitality, as seen through the rubbing of hybrid wings, the weaving of a spider web. "  lol  Despite the breathless prose, you should check out his works. :)

Over at Contemporary Art Daily, there's a post about Heidi Bucher's very elegant fibre art, HERE

And there's an interesting article in the Washington Post about Detroit's plan to "trade" art for pensions. HERE

and has an interview with Dutch fiber artist Marjolein Starreveld HERE


I often think that there's very little exposure or knowledge about fiber arts, so I decided to go a- searching for articles about that very topic. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there's actually quite a lot of fiber arts in the news (mostly of a local nature, but still!); so this week, I'm staring a new weekly addition to my links post called: Fiber Art in the News!

The Quilt of Belonging is going to Manitoulan Island. I saw it myself a few years back, and it's quite something! You can check out that article about it  here

The Mansfield Historical Society Museum in Mansfield, Texas, is opening for the season and have an exhibit of antique and vintage quilts. You can read more about that here

There's an article about Patricia Statzer here,, They want you to pay to join the site to read the whole article, so if you'd rather, you can just go to her site, here.

The Salina Journal out of Salina, Kansas, has an article about Shawn Marie Delker here

The Wayne Post out of Wayne County, NY has an article about an exhibition of contemporary art quilts called "Night and Day" at the Wayne Art Gallery here

The Langley Advance out of Langley, BC has an article about an exhibition of quilts by the Langley Quilt Guild here

The Leader Telegram out of Wisconsin has an article about Chris Daly's (formerly Dye Candy) quilt retreat center  here(It's really nice to see a former purveyor of beautiful dyed fabric expanding into something new!)

The Cecil Daily out of Elkton, Maryland, has an article about Barbara Tinsman's art quilts with some rather nice photos here

The  Indiana Daily Student has an article about a travelling art quilt exhibit that honours victims of drones, here.

And that's all she wrote! 

Have a great weekend everybody. See you on Monday!

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday...

Step one.

Step Two

Step Three

Painted lutradur - ready for the next step.
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Studio tour

Well, hello there!

As some of you know, in just three short weeks, we're moving from our little crooked house.  I thought I'd take some pictures of it "for posterity" and then realized that maybe you'd like to see it too.

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, yes, I did do a post about my sewing room after the second "renovation" a couple of years ago, but that was done for about a hot minute when I realized I didn't need a sewing room set up for quilting, I needed a studio set up for art-ing!

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Week Links Post - 16

So, to open the show (lol); over at Beautiful Decay, they've linked to a tumblr called "Carter Family Portraits" in which Beyonce, Jay and their family are photoshopped into iconic works of art. But is it "art"? I don't have the answer to that, but they're enjoyable! :)  Find them HERE
"Form, not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie" opens at the Carnegie tonight - through July 12, 2014 check that out HERE
and also in New York, Michael Cummings' exhibit of African-diaspora-inspired quilts opened this week at the Art Quilt Gallery, HERE
The DePaul Art Museum is hosting a quilt exhibition called "From Heart to Hand" now through June 22.  You can read a review of it HERE

Museo has a show called “I Can’t Believe It’s  Fiber”, which opened last weekend and continues until June 1, 2014 at their gallery in Langley, Washington. You can see a link to that HERE

Here's a fun thing! It's only a few minutes long, but it's a short video of Picasso working real-time. I once saw a painter do a time-lapse painting and that was really fun too - but hey, it's Picasso!  Even if you're not a fan - it's Picasso! lol You can check that out HERE. 

If you're a member of QuiltArt, then you saw me post about this already, but the reason I had the link so handy is because I was saving it for YOU ('cuz I like you best) *heh*; so did you know that PBS does a show called "Craft in America"?
They do! I just found out about last week and have devoured all the episodes they have available online - but my favourite one is called "Threads".  It features Faith Ringgold and Terese Agnew (and others), and was just incredible to me. Ms. Agnew's work was a revelation! So, you can watch that video HERE

And last but not least, Annabel Rainbow and Linda Kemshall have begun an online fiber arts magazine called Through Our Hands  which is free (!)  and which you can read HERE

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That new thing...

A wordless Thursday (just to be different).

May 7, 2014 6 comments


So, I forgot to post last night. And now I'm at work and don't have access to the photos I wanted to post. So we're going to do the Wednesday post on Thursday, okay?  Why not - I did the Monday post on Tuesday. *big grin* Maybe next week I'll get it right!

And in other news, I just got my first rejection.


So yeah, I know it's part of an artist's life and I've been more lucky than I can say that thus far, everything I've applied for, I've been accepted in.  But it's harder than I expected.

Oh,  Musée Laurier, why didn't you like my little birds? They are BEAUTIFUL.  I don't care that you got over 2,000 applicants (holy cow!) or that you were only able to choose 50. WHY DIDN'T YOU LIKE MY BIRDS?!?!? My PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS BIRDS?!?!?


Okay, I'm better now.

See you tomorrow.  :)

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Yorick's Garden

May 2, 2014 9 comments

Week Links Post - 15

First up. Laurent Lavendar's moon photos. I'm pretty sure every one in the Western World has seen Laurent Lavendar's moon photos by now (lol); but there are some new ones!  You can check those out HERE

Also at This Colossal, I saw the COOLEST thing.  A 3-D PEN!!!  So, you can draw sculpture, or whatever else you want! Check out the video HERE and then you can click over to their Kickstarter campaign and fund them if you so choose. I personally think this needs to be in the world! :)
Over at Ancora Crafts, Catherine did a post of five tutorials she would like to try. Since I want to try 3 out of the 5 myself, I thought you might like to have a look. HERE
And finally, over at Textile Artist, they're interviewing Willy Schut. This was an especially interesting interview to me because the kind of work she does is what I've been thinking about the last couple of months.

I still want to do my narrative work (that children's book is still in my head!); but for my "real" work, I've been dreaming of something that's very much like what Willy Schut does - only with more colour.  Sort of Stephanie Redfern meets Deidre Adams.  (And the only reason I mention Stephanie Redfern is because when I sent my "secret" piece in for the call for entry, the person I submitted to acknowledged receipt and said "It reminds me of Stephanie Redfern" whom I immediately googled as I wasn't familiar with her work. Wonderful stuff! Quite a compliment, although I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing in terms of my submission.)
Anyway, after you're one clicking on Ms.'s Redfern and Adams links, check out the interview with Willy Schut HERE 

(Unrelated, I have a cousin named Willy. She was very cool, and I really looked up to her. :D)

Have a great weekend! Finished Skull piece on Monday! :)
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Back to the skull

So, I hadn’t quite yet decided whether I wanted to stitch the pattern on my skull by hand or by machine.
I did a machine outline in the colours I wanted to use (as you can see above), but once I had done that, my  decision was made. Hand-stitched it was! So...