August 29, 2014 1 comments

Week Links Post #31

Beginning as usual with street art, here is some from DaLeast - check that out here

Also over at This Is Colossal - SQUEEEEEE! You now how I love all things wee - well, artist Maiko Akiba has created tiny worlds on top of toy animals - they're totally adorable - and then - well, just check them out here

At World of Threads they have an interview with Robin Wiltse - perhaps the most amazing felter (feltist? feltartist?) I've ever seen. Her work certainly speaks to me more than any other felter I've ever seen.  The interview and glimpse into her work can be found here

Billy Girrl has a post about the beautiful embroidery work of Chloe Giordano here 

This is Colossal also has an article about Elsa Mora  - I've been following her blogs for years and lately, have been checking in on her on Facebook as well. Despite the fact that in all these years, I don't think we've ever exchanged so much as a sentence, it felt like seeing a friend there. A FAMOUS friend! lol  Anyway, you can check that out here 

Annabel Rainbow has a PDF version of this quarter's  Through Our Hands here (and you should absolutely get it because it's fabulous!)

Elizabeth Barton talks about focal points and whether there's a point to them here

Here's an article from Fine Art Tips entitled How To Dramatically Improve Your Art. You may find it useful.

And for pure eye candy, check out Erik Johansson's photos over at Beautiful Decay, here

Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday. With a finish, I think!

August 27, 2014 2 comments

A TEENSY problem..

So, I started doing some thread sketching of the grasses that are going to be under that tree, and decided to do Ella's tail the same way.

But a teensy problem developed.
August 25, 2014 4 comments

Making Progress on ....

Ella, as it turns out. 

When I conceived this piece, my intent was to have foliage against this African evening sky, but after I'd fused down my tree and imagined the upcoming grasses and what not - I realized, that I couldn't resist adding something more friendly. 

All of sudden, this little piece is about Ella - my little elephant who shows up from time to time. I imagine that it's bedtime for little elephants - and Ella's mommy is just outside of frame, coming with some nice grasses for Ella to eat.

So here is the tree, just lightly outline quilted - but I wanted to bring the background forward more, so...

 I needed to quilt it more heavily.

Finished piece on Wednesday.  See you then?

August 22, 2014 2 comments

Week Links Post 30

More street art - this time from Irony & Boe in London, UK - check it out at This Colossal here

Over at Red Dot blog they have posted a series of instructional videos and podcasts for artists. Great stuff! Cheek it out here

At National Geographic photography blog, they have posted some the AMAZING work of Klaus Pichler - who somehow makes rotting food look gorgeous. No really! Check that out here

Huffington Post has an article about the artists statements of the Old Masters. With the exception of Rembrandt, they were just as pseudo-intellectual and incomprehensible as ours are, proving that some artists have always been pretentious. ;)  Check them out here

If you haven't seen Ann Loveless's piece "Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore" (which won the Google Art Prize [$200,000!] for 2013), you can see her art quilt at Art Hub in Grand Rapids, MI, where it will be on view until the next competition starts.  You can see the piece (and read about it) here

I posted these on Facebook a couple of weeks back, but didn't share them here, so have a look at these beautiful 3D art pieces that are housing for hermit crabs. You read that right! :) Check it out here

World of Threads has an interview with Megan Skyvington here

And that's it!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

August 19, 2014 3 comments

Dude... what happened? or Adventures with Lutradur

Okay. So, as you know, I work with Lutradur. I mean, I work with Lutradur a LOT. 

Some people get pretty crazy with it - melting it, burning it, moulding it, all kinds of stuff. I paint it, and pretty much stick to that, because I have yet to experiment with all the permutations of "paint" that I could do with Lutradur - I like to "master" something (if I can) before I move on from it. 

So, I had an idea for a piece I wanted to make.
August 18, 2014 5 comments

Happy Monday!

I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since I've properly blogged - and longer still since I've been in my studio!

For those of you just catching up - we moved at the end  of  May. That meant my studio was packed up almost since the beginning of May. You'd think that would mean that I'd be back in my new studio by the middle of June - at least I did; but you'd be incorrect in that assumption. What with one thing and another, (and another and another! the details with which I will not bore you); I didn't actually get to start unpacking my studio until last week. 

There's still more to be done, but it's usable now (and I have begun a small step in that direction!); so I thought I'd show the very last thing I got done before it all went away for so long. 

I started with..
August 15, 2014 5 comments

A little news...

I forgot to mention that America Now: Written on The Body, (right) and

Incendiary: Marie-Joseph Angelique are travelling with Mancuso into a special exhibit called "Broad Changes: Women of Social Justice". 

Currently, the show is at World of Quilts in Manchester, NH. If  you're in the area, do check it out!

August 13, 2014 11 comments

In case anyone's actually paying attention anymore...

I shall resume regular posting on Monday, August 19.