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Last Post at Kit Lang Fiber Art

As you'll (hopefully!) recall, I've now moved over to Kit Lang Art, where I have a new post up.
I said I'd post here up until September, but my BSP is having major surgery on September 1, so I don't think I'll post here again.
Please come and join me over at
And if you choose not to, thank you for all the years, and all the comments, all of your support as I went through my ups and downs and ups and changes.
It's been really wonderful.
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A new post over at Kit Lang Art

Which you can find HERE  Come on over! You know you wanna! :)
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New post

over at Kit Lang Art. ☺
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New post up over at Kit Lang Art

Check it out HERE

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A new post up at Kit Lang Art


See you there!
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World Watercolor Month - Day 24

Last night I decided to paint something "really fast". I had been working on a fiber project so it was about 11:00 p.m. when I started, and I didn't want to get to bed really late.
I didn't do a preliminary drawing, just worked wet on wet loosely following a reference photo.
By 12:30 the painting was done, photos were taken and cropped, and it was ready to be blogged!
So I think the painting took about an hour - my fastest yet. And I'm happy with the result! Yay!
See you tomorrow.