March 21, 2014

Friday Link Post

No pretty pictures this time, it's all talky talky this week.  Good stuff just the same, though.:)

Hyperallergic addresses the question of "What Makes An Artist, An Artist" the answer may surprise you, HERE

Over at Lightstalking (a photography blog) there was an article about the classic rules of composition, which even fiber artists may find helpful. ;)  HERE

My friend, arlee barr linked to a great article about mounting tapestries which could just as easily be an article about how to mount and hang fiber art HERE

I also (somehow) stumbled across a letter from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse. You may ask why I'm linking to it - the post is from 5 years ago and the letter to Eva Hesse (among other things, a pioneering fiber artist) written 50 years ago - but I'm linking to it because it's like a manifesto for artists - set everything aside including your own brain stuff and DO!  Caution contains language  - if you're going to get a case of the vapours over the f or c-word, don't click, HERE

Well known black political artist Kara Walker has a show in Portland. Read about it HERE

Related: MoMA hires a consulting curator for Black Art HERE

By the way, I keep meaning to say this - but if you have something you think should be linked, let me know at my handy-dandy contact form below. :)

March 17, 2014

The best way out is always: through


So, I'm going about life, "la la la", planning this, that and the other thing, with a vague sense that I have deadlines looming, but not a REAL sense of exactly when.

I knew some were coming really soon and was already feeling a bit panicky about them, but had a gut feeling that there were perhaps some other shows coming up faster than I realized, so I decided to pull out the list of shows I ...

March 14, 2014

Friday Link Post

Yellowtrace blogs about the 'badass embroidery' of Ana Teresa Barboza, and they aren't kidding around. Amazing stuff!  Check that out HERE.

At Twisted Sifter, they're showing Kumi Yamashita's latest portraiture work made from a single, continuous thread, HERE and speaking of thread...