September 21, 2014

And so it begins..

The madness that is (shhh!) CHRISTMAS. *ducks*

I know, I'm sorry - it's very early to be talking about Christmas, but the small pieces I made last year and sold before Christmas have been remembered, because I have had three inquiries already "When is your Christmas stock going to be ready?" - the first such inquiry was at the beginning of August! *shudder*

Although I didn't think of those small pieces that way at the time, they are of a size and price point that's perfect for gift-giving; and now that it's nearly October, I suppose I should get on with making them, right?


September 19, 2014

Peace Felt

Have you heard of Peace Felt

I hadn't either, but back in the early summer, a friend of mine was all excited about the concept. Members of Peace Felt each year, exchange a piece of felted art, "For Peace to be Felt in hearts across the world." Now, it's me - so you know I have a more practical point of view, and didn't quite understand how my exchanging art with a random stranger was supposed to allow peace to be felt. 

Nevertheless, my friend was quite excited about it, explained that we would each get to know someone who lives in another country, and we would be able to "dialogue" with one another. She wanted someone to join with her, and since I didn't see the harm, I joined. 

Of course, my friend didn't. :/

*ahem*  Anyway, this is my contribution to my partner, who ...