April 23, 2014

In the beginning...

... there was paper.

I decided that one of  the small projects I'd like to make this year is something in the 6 x 6 size. And I thought I'd show it to you from beginning to end.

I started with a selection of my hand-painted papers, picking them up and feeling them, sorting through them until I found one that said "Hi. I'm the one". And then I put the rest away. :)

The next step is to make my overall pattern. Since I already know that I'm going  to mount this piece, I need a 6 x 6 inch square, plus one inch overlap for folding over the substrate. 

Having made 12 birds in this 6 x 6" range, I now know that while working, unless you're constantly measuring, you sometimes have elements that stray off the edges. Sometimes that's okay - but for this particular piece, I needed the focal point to be exactly centered

But even if that weren't the case, as odd as it seems, I always draw this out, so that I have a translucent "pattern" to hold over the piece as I'm working.

So, having chosen my background paper, the next step is to cut it out to pattern...

And then, to cut out my batting to pattern as well. Depending on the size of the piece, I will either cut my batting to the same size as the overall piece - or - in this case, I cut it to the display size (in other words, 6 x 6 rather than 7 x 7), because in pieces this small, that batting will be very bulky, and make it more difficult to mount at the end.

And then I make a overall pattern for my focal point as well.

Next up, that focal point.

See you Friday!

April 21, 2014

Well, hello there!

Happy spring! (FINALLY.)

I've been a busy beaver the last month! Unfortunately, most of  it, I can't show you, so let's pretend it never happened and get back to our regularly scheduled program, yes?

However, as I was saying above, Spring finally arrived here in Southern Ontario, and as I have done last fall and the previous winter, I thought I'd share our walk with our sweet boy (that would be Tyler the Wonder Dog), yesterday.

The lake was an incredible colour. One of the things I love so much about living close to a great lake, is the way the water's colour changes with the seasons - from pale, icy gray-green in the winter through cerulean blue in the summer, and a sharp, sapphire blue in the late fall.

The birds were out with their babies,

The pines were in bud...

and so was everything else...

Even the ever-present CN Tower looked scrubbed clean.

We saw old friends...

and new!

... like this kind of duck that I've never seen here before. I don't even know what kind of duck it is, but his plumage is gorgeous. Check out that orange ruffle on his wing!  (After doing some research, I thought it might be a Bufflehead who had gone astray, but having looked at some more of them, he remains unidentified. Anyone know?)

I love the layer-cake effect of the colours of the lake and sky...

... and the windsurfers enjoying this windy day.

(I love this shot with his sail looking like a moon in the sky and its shadow like a big fish in the sea!)

All in all...

 It was a day on which it's great to be alive. :)

Even Tyler couldn't stop smiling!

See you on Wednesday with the beginnings of small project!



March 21, 2014

Friday Link Post

No pretty pictures this time, it's all talky talky this week.  Good stuff just the same, though.:)

Hyperallergic addresses the question of "What Makes An Artist, An Artist" the answer may surprise you, HERE

Over at Lightstalking (a photography blog) there was an article about the classic rules of composition, which even fiber artists may find helpful. ;)  HERE

My friend, arlee barr linked to a great article about mounting tapestries which could just as easily be an article about how to mount and hang fiber art HERE

I also (somehow) stumbled across a letter from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse. You may ask why I'm linking to it - the post is from 5 years ago and the letter to Eva Hesse (among other things, a pioneering fiber artist) written 50 years ago - but I'm linking to it because it's like a manifesto for artists - set everything aside including your own brain stuff and DO!  Caution contains language  - if you're going to get a case of the vapours over the f or c-word, don't click, HERE

Well known black political artist Kara Walker has a show in Portland. Read about it HERE

Related: MoMA hires a consulting curator for Black Art HERE

By the way, I keep meaning to say this - but if you have something you think should be linked, let me know at my handy-dandy contact form below. :)