November 26, 2012

For the birds...

Monday post - pic one

Remember when I made "Spring" ?

Well, I'm back to making birds again. :)

I've put the shirt piece in abeyance for a bit - there are some shows I need to prepare for - one a fine art show for which I need ten pieces (the one I participated in last year in Rochester) and a fiber art show call I'm interested in.

monday post - pic two

The birds are for the Rochester show - I need to make ten - but this first one isn't going to count - I'm just getting my feet wet; brushing up on the particular set of skills I need to make birds and their backgrounds.

monday post pic 3

And hey, speaking of backgrounds - there it is!

It's amazing how fast things get done when you're talking to friends. ;)

Kit 120


Jodi said...

Ha! Now to see the bird(s) come in for a landing on those lovely leaves and branches!

Beth said...

What lovely soft colors. I am looking forward to this. You always evoke a smile...

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