November 5, 2012


Sooo.....  I'm STILL working on the shirt piece, but I had to also had to work on a secret mission (a project that will be revealed in the spring) plus we've had some family stuff going on that's had me outside of my studio a lot. 

However, I thought I'd try some hand work. 

I fully blame Deb Lacativa.

The middle fabric is one of hers (the others in the pic and the piece are my own hand dyes) - but hers was quite bossy about wanting to be hand quilted!

Since I've done handwork ONE other time on a piece - this should go well, no?  lol

Stay tuned!

Kit 120


Deb said...

I so love seeing what other artists do with my raw materials!

arlee said...

i love seeing what other artists do with Deb's dyes too :) Her colours are so rich, the fabrics so tactile, and you've really made them reach to the light with this layout..

Living to work - working to live said...

I love those colours!!

quilthexle said...

May I just say these colours make me drool ??? LOVELY !!

Wtrstone said...

Oh yummm... the colors are so rich - they warm me up just looking at them. The layout reminds me of the burst of color and flame you get when a burning log drops down into a bed of hot coals.

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