December 10, 2012

Background check

Goldfinch background - branch with flowers - Kit Lang 

Check me out, I'm doing hand stitching!

Okay, okay, it's just a little bit, but I really enjoyed it!

  Goldfinch background fabric Kit Lang

I started out with one of my clean up cloths,  cut to size, which I quilted to some batting.

  Goldfinch, roving for background Kit Lang

And since I didn't have the right fabric for the branch I wanted to make, I decided to make some with some roving...

  Goldfinch roving for branch, Kit Lang

Ta da!

  Goldfinch background - branch - Kit Lang

And then I did a little hand embellishment, including the flowers you see in the first pic. 

Wednesday's for the birds! ;)

See you then. :)

Kit 120


quilthexle said...

I have the feeling you do more and more hand-stitching - like that !!

bohemiannie! art said...

Yum. It's a gorgeous beginning!

Beth said...

Love the textures!!!

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