Remaking Christmas...

Once upon a time, I made this little tree piece - and I liked the tree, but I didn't think the rest of it was very successful.

And then, more recently, I had some paint, and some fabric, and I put them together and quilted them.

And then ...?  Well, I think some hand beading is in order, don't you? :)

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. funny - your first piece reminds me of two perfectly great people who get married - then the combination just doesn't work out. I mean - you would think it would - the background is great - the tree is great - sighhh but I guess its time they separated and became just another marriage statistic! can't wait to see who the tree ends up with next!! (our version of a quilt soap opera - LOL)

  2. Talk about a blank palette and I really love the tree of old!!

  3. Beading would be great! I am beginning to fall in love all over again with beads....


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