January 18, 2013

Winner and Round-Up!

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On Monday, I asked all of you if you could provide me with links to blogs you would recommend. They were, as follows:

1.  Nina-Marie at Creations, Quilts, Art...Whatever, recommended Elizabeth Barton's blog, Art and Quilt's - Cogitations Thereon, Sandy's blog, Waiting for The Muse and Maria Elkin's eponymous blog;

2.  Lyn at What A Hoot Quilts recommended Monika Kinner-Whalen's blog, My Sweet Prarie;

4.  Becky at Solar Threads recommended Multi-coloured Pieces;

5. Frauke at Quilthexles World recommended Kathleen Loomis' Art With A Needle and Lisa Call's eponymous blog; and

6.  Beth at SewSew Art recommended Helen Kerchner at Remembering Tomorrow

Most of these blogs, I was already reading - so I completely agree with these recommendations! :)

And the winner of the giveaway is:

    photo winner_zps02831193.jpg 
Teresa, please email me kit.lang.ltd@gmail.com with your mailing address and I'll have the publisher send you a copy Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker!

See you on Monday with... either a continuation of the current piece or another bird.

Have a great weekend!

  Kit 120


Mary Stori said...

Kit....what a good idea.....I've been slammed here at home and missed your shout out for links....but have had a good time this morning following what you collected.....thank you to all!!

Chris Daly said...

Kit, Thanks for the great links. Such a fun idea!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Kit. Just want to say thanks for taking the time to collect and organize the information on this post and for the mention of my blogs. After a two-day bout of stomach flu, I was immensely cheered!
best, nadia

Beth said...

What a great idea you had. I picked up 2 new blogs for daily reading - My sweet prairie and albedo. One of the things I have been noticing lately is my now casting off things I cherished in the beginning of my journey and clutching to me things I poo-pooed in the past. My new position is now one of "observer" . If I like it, I grab it, if I don't, I don't judge, just observe and file away the info for possible future dabbling. So glad you are part of my life Kit!!

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