WIP Wednesday

Remember last year when I discovered how fabulously amazing drop cloths were?  Well, I started "creating" them as well - when I had leftover paints from a project, rather than just throwing them out, I would purposely drip and drop and smoosh to make a cloth out of 'em.

This is one such - and these are some of the yummy threads I used to quilt it.

And I needed branches - but in colours I just didn't have (which seems a pretty amazing statement in itself, given  how huge and unwieldy my stash is becoming).  Nevertheless, there wasn't anything there in the colours I wanted, so roving was needed to produce the desired fabric.

There we go!

And this is how it all looked together...

Kit 120

Joining in with my friends at The Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday!

Kit Lang


  1. Sort of a la Monet in it's blend of the colours:)

  2. Very cool, Kit! Happy New Year.

  3. That second last one is amazingly like the ends of branches.

  4. Great start to a creative year!


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