Oh hai!

So, back in November, I wrote a post about how I spent a weekend completely distracted and tried like - three different things before I settled down and actually made something.

I posted two of those things, but one of them I didn't, and that's because it looked like THIS:

lol  That thing is craptastic.

I mean, I knew what I was going for - layered flowers, some 3D, some to be outlined in white hand stitch as a relief - it was going to be a glorious profusion of stitched flowers. 

Of course, when I had gotten as far as I did, I realized that even if I could produce what I saw in my head... what was the point of that? It wasn't in my purview in terms of what I want to produce and it wasn't even my style, so exactly what I was doing?

In to the "over dye" bin it went.

But then, the other day, I had this idea, so I cut it up...

And sewed it back together again, and then I quilted it...

And then I fused some paper...

and I made (shockingly), some trees...

And then I made some little leaves and grass and stuff...and some MORE trees....

And I guess on Monday, I'll have the finished piece for you!

Stay tuned...
Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Glad you rescued it - and I have the slight feeling trees are becoming a bit of a signature thing for you?

  2. I like your new word - "craptastic" It may get into common use... lol
    It goes to show that something we deem not worthy can be made into something new.
    It just had to percolate for awhile.
    Maybe my quilt from 1999 that I have been saving to finish will have a Resurrection some day. If I keep it long enough it may become an antique...
    Love the trees and stitching.

  3. Hey, it's looking good, and I'm just loving those tree trunks and limbs. Hey, I love it all.

  4. I can't stop laughing about "craptastic". You are such a hoot!!!!


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