Blue bird of happiness...

Next up - a wing, an eye, a beak, and a prayer!!

Finish on Friday. :)

Kit 120

P.S. The winner of the Blog Hop Giveaway was posted on my Facebook yesterday. Which you would know if you liked my page. ;)

Kit Lang


  1. I did and I DO! I like your bluebird of happiness. I blog about mine, too, but often he flies away before I can get a good picture.

  2. Oh so very pretty! Out here we have the Ellis Bird Sanctuary, which was originally established to protect Mountain Bluebirds from being run out of Alberta by house sparrows. Bluebirds are treasured all 'round these parts, as are martins. You can check it out here: Maybe you'll find more birdy inspiration! :-)

  3. It's gorgeous :D

  4. Love that tail!!

  5. I love birds too, Kit! Just looked at your gallery. Very impressive. Donna member of group of 8.

    1. thank you Donna! I'm going to check out your blog right now. :)


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