Witless Wednesday...

The anatomy of a branch.  More, after the jump...

plus the bits the branch was made from  - a mix of painted paper towel, fabric, and painted lutradur:

and as an added bonus:

Bird detritus.  :D

See  you on Friday with the finished bird!

Kit 120

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Kit Lang


  1. Sorry to hear you suffering spam! Me too! But I am tolerating and deleting it just now.

    I love the detail of this branch.


  2. Gorgeous !!! Great presentation, too !

  3. I love to watch the process, Kit. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for showing all those pictures of your branch in progress. I think I would probably stopped after two or three and always wondered how come my branches looked flat. It's wonderful to know your branches go through all these stages, and see how much work and how many different steps it takes to get them looking so good. You're so kind to share the process!

  5. Wow, Kit!! So fun to scan through the process photos of the branch work. Love your works :)

  6. I love the detail you put in these birds! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece on Friday. BTW, you might want to check my post today...I've mentioned you! http://lindakittmer.blogspot.ca/2013/03/liebster-award-for-cool-blogs.html

  7. Love your branch but my fav was "bird detritus" Too cool!!

  8. Thanks for all the process pictures. An amazing branch!

  9. Thanks for giving us an idea how you go about creating your wonderful pieces!


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