Sweetness and light...

So, since we spoke last, I've been busy!

I remembered from being in this spot that there were some little purple flowers - not exactly under the tree (artistic license!); but nearby.  I assumed they were violets, so made some violet-shaped flowers; but I was thinking about when I went to my studio last night after work, and remembered that I was at this spot in late summer.  August or perhaps early September. 

And violets are spring flowers. 

Hmmm.... some research was in order...

Research done! I can see a difference, can *you* see a difference?  :)

Maybe this will help - turns out, it wasn't purple (violet) flowers I remembered; but rather, purple-y blue with dark blue centres... "Plumbago" - which *does* grow in Ontario in the late summer and early fall.  *phew* I'm not a crazy person after all. 

(Well, not about THAT anyway.)

Speaking of differences - do you see some here?  It's those little wheat shaped grasses to the left of the broken fence post and in a clump above the flowers.  I *love* those!  Of course, I'm going to have to add a lot more of them... (and I also fixed that one errant bee's antennae).

And I also made another spider - this one a black one. And now that I see this - this beetle's antannae need to be fixed to - *they* should be going the *other* way!
And since one of these posts could hardly be considered complete without another leaf comparison - on the left are the leaves as you last saw them; and on the right is a picture as they are now.  

An eighth and ninth layer of leaves added - all with hand stitched veins as I showed you Wednesday.
(It's what I've been doing Tuesday through Thurday. Although it feels like longer!)

(You can click on this pic to embiggen in you like...)

You can also see that I've been unpicking the background trees from time to time.

At one point, BSP came into my studio to take a peek and said "It's beautiful! But it'll be much better once you get rid of the dude selling Christmas trees in the back".

I cracked up.

See you on Monday - maybe with a finished piece!  Have a great weekend.

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. omg there is SO much work in this! it's gorgeous, Kit

  2. All that AND a full time job! Wow! It's looking incredible Kit.

  3. Crazy is a strong word but maybe DRIVEN would be a good description! LOL
    MY God you get a lot done! Looking forward to the finish...

    :-D eirdre

    1. "Driven" sounds so... aggressive. Maybe "passionate"? lol


  4. I think this may be my favourite piece that you have done so far...not to say I don't like your other work. But, you have really grown as an artist in my humble opinion and this one kinda puts it all together:)

  5. The detail is quite marvellous!


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