Between birth and death, life happens in the blink of an eye.

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I was shocked today to read of the death of Kathreen Ricketson of Whip Up

This is a strange post to write.  Kathreen's passing is a loss to her partner (should he be found) and a huge loss to her children and loved ones. There is no doubt that her passing is a loss to her friends, and her co-workers. And her passing will be a loss as well to all those who read her blog daily.  
But I'm not one of them.  

I have never interacted with her. Not even once.

And yet her passing has reminded me once more, that life is soooo damn short.  We don't have tomorrow, or next week or next year - we might not even have the rest of the damn day. We only have right now.   Right now.  That's it.

Five years ago, I was a "crafter". Doing cross stitch, making dolls, doll clothes, tote bags, journal covers and clothes for fashion dolls.  I sewed clothes and home dec items and made pretty things just for the fun of it and to amuse myself, and I gave away or donated the results to fundraisers.

One night, I was just tootling around online, clicking on links, following a trail of breadcrumbs that the Universe had laid for me, and I found a quilt that Kathreen had made.  I loved it. I decided that I wanted to make a version of that quilt. 

And so, Kathreen started this journey that has brought me here.  A picture on her blog of a quilt that she created, quite literally, changed my life.

I never went back to her blog, never commented, never interacted with her in any way, and yet she made all the difference in the world to me. I never told her so because on the one occasion I thought I might, I decided it would be silly to do so.  But now I want all of you to know. Not because my work is fabulous and it's all due to her -  but because her sudden passing has brought home to me, so strongly, that we only have right now.

We need to tell the people around us that we appreciate them.

We need to tell them that the fact that they made us coffee this morning, or that they washed the dishes last night made our day better.

We need to tell them that going home at the end of the day and knowing that they'll be there gives us a reason to go home.

We need to tell them that their smile brightens our day. 

We need to tell them that they are important, that we appreciate them, that their presence in our lives make a difference.  

We need to make sure that they know that they are loved.

Because we only have right now.

So go tell them.

Right now.

As for all of you...

Thanks to those of you who comment here or on facebook, thanks to those of you who share my work on your blogs or sites, thanks to those of you who just silently read along. Thanks to every single one of you who shares this journey I'm on.   You make blogging fun and give me a reason to do it.  

Thanks for being you!



Kit Lang


  1. I read about Kathreen's story this morning - so tragic. I'm here to say that I read and enjoy your blog. And we both love birds and making birds, so there's that in common. Nice to connect with you online!

    1. Hi Martha - I've seen you about and we've certainly been commenting on the same threads - I often see your name above or below mine. :)

      I'm glad we have those things in common and that little connection that makes our world smaller and warmer. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you! This is very well-said and even though I try to let people know of their importance in my life, I know I don't do it quite often enough. It's time to start and be conscious of it.

    I enjoy your blog and even comment occasionally. If it didn't take so much time and I thought people would really care, I would comment on just about every post I read (yours and others). I should make the time! I realize I am being very presumptuous when I say that people wouldn't care; but heck, I like it when people comment on my blog. To be honest, I love it! I love hearing opinions whether they match mine or not.

    I continue to be amazed at the talent and generosity I see in so many blogland people. Whether they share their process of just final projects, I feel honored to be privy to viewing their works in the privacy of my own home. My hope is that I have even a fraction of that same type of impact for people who ready my blog.

    Thanks again!!

  3. Well said Kit.......

  4. Kit, how tragic! I've not come across her blog before. A very thoughtful and insightful post!

  5. Great post today Kit. Truer words...I'm lucky to be spending a special evening with my husband and son tonight and I'll be sure to let them know again how much they mean to me. Thanks dear friend!

  6. So very true, Kit!!

  7. and thanks to you for sharing your work, your process here. we're all better for knowing each other.


  8. It is always shocking and sad when lives are cut short. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  9. So true and what am I doing...waiting to start my work day. Your post made me want to just start the car & head home for the studio.

  10. Hugs, Kit. And blessings.

  11. You have voiced words that I've been trying to live by lately (the last 5 years) and its good to read them here. Still I'm struck by this tragedy - wow! Also it brings up to mind my rule that I made when I turned 35 - only do what makes you happy. My friends always laugh when I quit something - they know that the reason is usually that it wasn't making me happy. Life is too short - the world priorities are skewed toward money, greed and power - all lies!! Love, happiness are the key!


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