In the home stretch...

Having gotten back to stitching, I've been adding more detail (all the pics are clickable today if you want to see things bigger); more of the seeded grasses, some mushrooms here and there, and that little squirrel (who I think I might need to be hand-stitched too.  Ruh-roh!)

And I might need to add a thread or two of a brown-ish yellow to the mushrooms to give them more dimension.

This little area is pretty near done, I think - except, somehow, I have to fit in a little yellow thread or floss somewhere on those vines... and maybe some seeded grass just to the top right of the fence post...

And, after hours and hours to remove "the dude selling Christmas trees" I STILL haven't figured out what to do to cover up the mess.

Okay, maybe I have more to do than I thought.

'Cuz maybe there needs to be some more mushrooms.  And a butterfly or two.  And a mouse! Don't you think there should be a mouse?  :)

Well, that's *my* weekend.  Hope yours is good one!

Kit 120

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Kit Lang


  1. Very cute squirrel:) Well it's supposed to be a nice weekend so you could do your hand stitching outdoors which would be very nice indeed.

  2. I love all the little details in this piece. The bees and spider are awesome! Yes I think there should be a mouse by some mushrooms. Perhaps a few butterflies can be where the dude use to be???

  3. I love the nature feel of this piece. And yes, go for a field mouse or two!

  4. Looks like a book illustration...child-like and tender. It has character!

    1. Thank you, Cay! That's always my intention. :)

  5. I really like the way this has evolved. Any chance of a photo of the before and after, side by side, when it's finished?

  6. Kit, You are really going to laugh!! First off, I love this piece especially all the additions you have applied. When I looked at the first photo, I thought the hole in the base of the tree was housing a porcupine. It wasn't til later photos that I realized it was the mushrooms, not porcupine eyes. The light colored stitches looked like quills. Guess art is in the eye of the beholder.


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