The Year Of The Feather

Year of the Snake? Pish tosh! I'm calling it - it's Year of The Feather!

Cuz I never seem to stop making them!

So, I started with my pattern...

...and then fused some fabrics in gold and white.

And then I cut out a small portion of the wing pattern in my chosen fabric. 

This little curlicule thing is the smallest part of the wing - the whole thing is about 17 inches long across it's widest part.  That's a lotta feathers. 

Yeesh. ;)

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Just read your LAST post and now another one!! FIRST, I love the "pish, toss". Canada is VERY British still!! I also love your crayon sketched with the stick figures. Meanwhile, can't wait to see where this inspiration is headed!!!!

  2. WOW. I love it that you are so generous, showing some of the evolution of your work. I enjoyed reading how you get a complete picture in your head. I think since I read that, I can look back on projects I designed and see which ones sprang from moments like that. Those moments are so delicious it makes using someone else's design kind of like driving a bus. Same stops every day, only a little difference here an there in the fares (or fabrics!)

  3. Are you working with Lame' and silks? Very shiny! I LIKE!

    :-D eirdre

  4. I think you are right! I have seen a lot of feathers around. Your feather is very nice. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

  5. Congrats on the International Quilt Fest acceptance! Love your wings. I love wings too. Must be some deep meaning to that!


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