Back to working on the "big piece"

Doing a little "hand work" of a different kind... I'm back to working the boy.  But I am struggling with motivation.

As I've been making this piece, I realized two things:  one: that's it's a self-indulgent bit of work with little value, and two: that it's going to be "pretty" and not "art".  I find these two realizations very de-motivational. It makes me want to roll it up (pick up my toys!) and go home. lol

Do any of you struggle with similar issues?


I'll be better tomorrow, I promise!
Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. pretty can still be "dangerous" or making a statement--do you know yet where this will go? Carry on!!!

  2. I think that is the wonderful thing about "creating". Everyone has a different definition of art. Something pretty can be artful. And self indulgence needs to be satisfied from time to time too. You never know where things will take you. That said, sometimes projects just don't thrill me. Lack of challenge maybe? If it helps I think this large piece is going to be very wonderful. Hope you win the struggle.

    1. Whenever I start to feel this way I know it's time for a nap or a break from the project at least. From the previews I've seen of this piece I don't understand why you don't think it's art. It has looked awesome to me! And there is NOTHING wrong with a piece being self indulgent. It would be great if every piece we make could be self indulgent. I think that Patti may have nailed it on the head when she said that perhaps what you are lacking is a challenge.

      I love the hands! And I want to know what colors you use to make such great skin tones.

  3. What motivated you to start this piece in the first place? Even if it was self indulgence that's not all bad. Maybe asking yourself some questions will help you to see where it's going and what you intend for it. Whatever you decide I also think that it's going to be a good piece.

  4. Yes, in the past. Now (since the last 2 weeks) my take on life has changed and I am all for doing whatever pleases me. Know a bit about this piece, I think I would finish it because it really is significant.

  5. It sounds like this is a very personal piece and who knows how it will end up and what value it will have - to you and to others. I like to see meaningful work that comes from the heart (and I don`t consider self indulgence to be a bad thing:)

  6. so...i'm curious. what makes it "not art"?

  7. Been in your shoes many tomes ... a lot of self doubt involved ... but I either think it through a lot more (and maybe then see a new angle/direction that pleases me more) or I put it away.
    I can honestly say that more dialogue with myself works best ... I hardly ever leave a ufo.
    Good luck with this one ... I like what I see so far !

  8. Well, when I'm feeling not motivated my piece gravitates to the design wall...sometimes for a long time. lol. You're comment that it's more pretty than art?? Why?


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