Fixer uppers...

Today we're problem solving. :)  First we're going to fix the quilting problem from the other day, and THEN we're going to fix another little problem I encountered on my lunch-time project this week.

So first up, I had that wavey tee shirt post quilting.  Most of you smarty-pants already had the answer - to either block the piece or steam it - both of which I have done when using cotton batting.

However, I have been using polyester fleece (the stuff that sweat shirts are made out of, not roving) as batting for my smaller pieces (because it's about a 1/3 of the price of cotton batting).  When densely machine quilted however, the fleece *always* curls like this, and conventional block and steam methods don't work.

That said, you know what does work? Melting it!  :)  lol

I soak it with water (not a mere spraying you understand, really soak it - if you don't it will literally melt all over your iron), and then I iron it to death. It not only flattens the piece out, it thins out the batting as well.

Caveat:  this method has NOT been entirely successful on larger pieces (over 30 inches on its shortest side).  When it gets that big, even multiple meltings have not flattened out the piece entirely.

And problem number two:  (if you follow me on facebook, move along - you've already seen this); my lunchtime project right  now is mostly fabric, but does have a small amount of paper towel in it -and the piece I've chosen to use has separated into one ply.

I added some fusible, and as a backing, disposable tarp (it's a "paper" product that you put down to protect your furniture and floor - those "paper" overalls are also made out of it); I had a TONNE of it leftover, and if you've been with me since the beginning, you may remember that I also used to use it for foundation piecing.

And here it is all fixed up, and ready for cutting and stitching.

See you on Monday - have a great weekend!
Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Well, for sure no one will even want to "sleep" under the T-shirt piece. I do hope you had exhaust fans going during the melting process. And I like you bling!!! Guessing your BSP gets the credit (smile)

  2. Nice T-shirt ... but I, too, hope you melted this stuff outside !

  3. Ha! Very clever! And your rings are beautiful too! :)

  4. Can you buy a small mangle where you live? I don't know if they are available in your area but we have one in our apartment building's laundry room and I can't remember how I ever lived without it!!!


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