We get by...

...with a little help from our friends.

Do you know Deb Lacativa? If you don't, you should! She makes wonderfully intriguing pieces of art, sells amazing hand-dyed fabric which I've mentioned numerous times here as I use them in my pieces, and is a generous and warm-hearted person.

I'm writing today about her, because her Goodman has been taken ill, and though we are all confident he will get through this well and strong, their finances may not.

We can all help her by buying her work.  Whether it's a splurge on an original piece of her art, some of her beautful hand-dyed fabric, or some (newly available) reprographs of her work, we can all help her a lot by helping ourselves according to our budget.

I bought three of her beautiful reprographs on Wednesday as a birthday present to myself and when I have them framed up I'll be sure to show them here.

You can do the same -one of her reprographs costs only as much as two cups of fancy coffee, and having gotten a cusspot or two, I can tell you that they are simply stuffed with fabric - that big pile beside her cusspot is exactly how much is one of those. And if you want larger swaths of fabric, she sells that too.

Those quilters have a community, let's show that fabric artists do too. And if you *are* a quilter, then you already know how that works. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Kit 120

Kit Lang

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