October 14, 2013

A Walk At Ashbridges Bay

I was asked to do a fashion show of all the outfits I've made over the past few weeks, and I said I would, but as the day was so beautiful, instead, we went for a walk.

These were all taken at Ashbridges Bay. literally five minutes from where live. I find so much inspiration there - the Red Bench pieces for instance were based on photos I took there in the winter. Here are some fall ones.


And since today is a holiday, both the fashion show and art, will have to wait. :)
Kit 120


Maggi said...

What a beautiful place. No wonder you opted to go for a walk.

Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kit!!

Monica said...

You had quite a windy day! Some nice shots there. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitchener Quilter said...

Beautiful photos. I spent many an afternoon there flying kites in some of my previous years. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I can see why you gain so much inspiration there! I think I need to go put a sweater on now! Brrr! I LOVE Fall!

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