It's my first Week Link post!

I think there's some great reading here – I hope you'll enjoy it!

This is a *very* interesting article by Kathleen Loomis about Anne Loveless winning the Art Prize (the world's biggest purse in the art world - $200,000!) with her beautiful textile art piece  Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore. But it's not what you think – it's about why this won't make any difference to the larger art world, and why it won't change how textile art is thought of (craft, women's work, not-art)>

This is an article from Matthew Schuler. He writes about how he believes creative people think – mean to be shared with the people in your life who just "don't get" you.  I recognized a lot of myself in it – perhaps you will too. :

This is a fantastic article – one of my favourites that I read quite often – about how the art gallery system works.  You may have read it before yourself (it's not new); but some of you may not have – and it bears reminding if you any interest in those kinds of shows. Good reading even for those who don't!

This is a fiber artist I "discovered" through this blog, Ana Teresa Barboza. Her work is incredible!

And these are a set of articles about using quilts to talk about words we are uncomfortable with. The accompanying interviews may be enlightening to those of you haven't considered the impact of the words on the people they are being spoken about.  Warning - the words are NSFW – but we're all big girls here, right?

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    thanks so much for reading!

  2. What an interesting collection Kit. Thanks so much, particularly for the Matthew Schuler article, but also for introducing me to Schuler himself who I haven't come across before, but am now a big fan of. What a charming, thoughtful and personable writer.

  3. Great articles Kit. Thanks for the links.

  4. Interesting articles Kit. I had read Kathy's article recently but the others were new to me.

  5. A lovely compendium of food-for-thought! Thanks for the shoutout too. xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing Kit. Very interesting reading


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