Next hand-work project - here I come!

When I was trying to get "just the right effect" with my rust dyeing over the summer to make the fabric for Erosion; well, need I say more? lol 

Those of you who have rust dyed, know that you have virtually no control over the finished product. Try as you may - things never turn out exactly how you had envisioned. So I had to rust dye a LOT of fabric - yards and yards - (about 7!) to get the piece I wanted for Erosion.

But then, what's a girl to do with 6 yards of rust-dyed fabric? 

One of the ideas I came up with was the above. Each of those is a 6.5 inch square - very manageable as a piece of portable work, and if I get tired of it after these first 12 blocks, I can stop. But my intent is to make eight or twelve of these sections  - so, 144 of those 6.5 inch squares (I know, right?), put them all together, and then use them as a background for a still larger piece. I imagine it will take approximately a year of lunches in total.

But who wants to think about that?!  So, I'm starting with one six and 1/2 inch square. 

Very manageable. 


Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Beautiful little pieces. And yes, I know what you mean about the unpredictability of rust dying...I guess that's part of the see what you get when you 'reveal' the finished pieces to yourself! Great ongoing project. I look forward to seeing where this goes Kit.

  2. Fantastic effects.

  3. That's the same way you eat an elephant, bite by bite!!


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