Ten hours..

Two people. Ten hours.

What might two people, over the course of ten hours accomplish? Many things!

However, in this case - two people (myself and BSP), over the course of ten hours, managed to take a basket-full of seriously unruly embroidery floss - and turn it into the above. Approximately 120 little  skeins of lovely, colour sorted embroidery floss - ready, at a moment's  notice - to make (hopefully) beautiful things.

I can't believe it took us that long - and it's why I have nothing to show you today but this.

Not even a lovely, decorated cigar box - which started out at this:

A cigar box given to me by my friend, mixed media artist Linda Kittmer.

I could, but am not going to show you a lovely, decorated box, because I've done 3 versions and hate them all. lol  Apparently, I suck at this part - and I think I'm just going to cover it all with fabric.

Some fiber work on Wednesday.  Until then!
Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. I have too much thread to do that--and i hate the kinks that ensue from the "folds"--still, quite an accomplishment :)

    And i sux too at decorating boxes....

  2. You must have such a great sense of accomplishment. I love organizing stuff like this (smile)


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