Week Link Post - 7

Happy Friday!

(I don't have embroidery to show you today, so I thought I'd share a t-shirt I found that made me laugh. :D )

Here's my links post!

First up, an artist I was introduced this week, Linda Eaton-Marcille working out of Crows Nest Studio. She not only does wonderful hand embroidery in the naive style, she writes equally wonderful stories to go with them. This is her latest piece - I am giving you the link to the first part of the story as she began her stitching HERE

Over at Textile Artists, they have part two of an interview with the "Stitching and Beyond" group in Tasmania. Part Two speaks to Lauree Brown, Lijlija Armstrong, and JunHope. I especially love Lauree Brown's work, but all three artists are well worth having a look at. You can find that HERE.

Then there's part three of the same interview HERE (focusing on Marta Brysha, Sandra Champion and shoemaker [!]

Over on Artists Network there is an article called "A Painters Guide to Composition" which fiber artists may find useful too

And a fun one at Hyperallergenic "Re-Considering The Artistic Legacy of Wile E. Coyote" . It's actually quite insightful. :)

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


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  2. My favs were Lauree Brown and the spotlight on stitching. Brilliant!! You always seem to find great stuff! - smile

  3. Thanks Kit. I loved Lauree Brown's work.


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