Week Link Post - 4 and lunchtime project catch-up

Artist Kohei Nawa has done an installation of clouds that visitors can walk through at the 2013 Aichi Triennale.  No really! :) Check it out HERE

Three. Which says: "Seasons Greetings or Merry Christmas: thank you for saying something nice"

For the cartogrophy fans among us, artist Ed Fairburn has done intricate and emotive portraits using maps, HERE. If you're in the Denver area, you can see the in person at the Mike Wright Gallery starting January 17.

Four. Which says: "May our love and thankfulness wing you on your way. Nelson Mandela" (I still have to add dates.)

If you're in or near NYC Meg Lipke has a new exhibition of her mixed-media (paper and felt) works at Parallel Art Space opening tomorrow. In the meantime, Brian Edmonds at the Curating Contemporary Blog has written a thoughtful review of her work, HERE. 

Five. Which says: "You look more Chinese than Korean"

Corydon Cowansage at Art Haps has done an interview with Ted Gahl that's a fun read. They know one another, and it seems quite apparent that they like each other as well, which always makes the read more enjoyable. In addition, Mr. Gahl (an artist with a schizophrenic ouevre) has a cheeky, somewhat irreverent approach to his art.  Bonus - rather than the standard one or two pictures that usually accompanies this type of interview, this one has loads of pictures. You can check that interview out HERE  And if you're in NYC, he too has a show opening tomorrow at Dodge Gallery.

Six. Which says: "The sun rises and the world keeps relentlessly turning"

Clarion Ferrono talks about her love of Emily Carr over at Ragged Cloth Cafe HERE

(and to refresh your memory)

This is "Two"

Collosal has begun a new project called "Paid in Full" in which they commission artists to make work to (more or less) give them a paid gig (Yay, Collosal!), and not only do they pay the artist, they film the entire process so we can watch. The first recipient of a commission is artist HOTTEA. Check out his work, and the video, HERE.

And this is "One"

And in Robert Genn's weekly letter this week, he talks about "Faith-based Art Making". (It's now what you might think). Check that out HERE.*


Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday with some more work in progress. :)

Kit 120

P.S. I meant to post this in my last s-linky post and forgot - it's an interview over at Textile Artist with Lesley Richmond. http://www.textileartist.org/lesley-richmond-interview/ Lovely work!

* Pink links go to the relevant article, green to related articles.


Kit Lang


  1. Brilliant links - thanks for that bit of research.

  2. I enjoyed your "lunch work". You are back on your creative roll - so good to see!! The cartography portraits were AMAZING, and the devore was spectacular. But I had to make a comment on "faith-based" art and strongly recommend (as you did) followers read if with an open mind. LOVED it!! Without faith, we wouldn't be doing art or probably much else.
    Thanks for the thoughtful links!!

  3. I love all your hand work pieces. Making them is so therapeutic and soothing to the soul. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful links. Now I have another excuse to be browsing and looking and reading instead of doing what I most need to to. Happy New Year to you and yours also.

  4. Lunch work is beautiful and the links are fascinating. That cloud installation is just stunning and the map faces are so good. Love Lesley Richmond's work.

  5. lovely lovely! I enjoy watching your love for handstitching! : )


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