Week Link Post - 3

Happy friday!

First up, a really GREAT article that does a round-up of discussions on abstract art in 2013. Read that HERE.

Next - a video that looks at stunning textile work  - I don't understand the language, but if you're like me, you can turn off the sound and just look at the pretty. The site has many other videos of textile work to see as well. Check it out HERE.

There's an interview with Marcin Rycezk about that famous swan photo that went viral in 2013 HERE.

There's a post a Colossal showing the incredible work of ceramist Johnson Tsang HERE

And the breathtaking work of Vally Nomidou (seriously, if you look at nothing else, look at this one) HERE

I've made progress on the lunchtime project as well, but haven't yet taken pictures - so sorry - no pics this week!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Hi Kit, tried the links and got a "function disabled" message...?

  2. Amazing stuff - ALL of it. Thanks for the links.


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