February 24, 2014

More works in progress...

The last time we looked at the Ephemera piece, I said I was going to add a little flora and fauna this quarter.  This is the result of the first week of this quarter (week 14) - the words this week are from The Velveteen Rabbit: "When you are real, you don't mind being hurt."

And next up, we've got  a couple of birds. I usually sketch directly on the fabric, after first giving it a go on my sketch patch; but this time I decided to try a different method.

I save all the backing paper from my fusible papers, using them to protect my iron  when I'm fusing. But I decided I might try using them as transfer papers as their semi-slick sides sort of lend themselves to such a process. (Or so my thinking went).

So I sketched them on the papers using a graphite woodless pencil, and then flipped them over, and used my eraser as a rubbing implement, which I rubbed all over the back of the paper. And as you can see, it worked very well!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Kit 120


wholly jeanne said...

love the bunny piece. the straight lines in the background make me think of primary writing paper. you know, with the blue and pink lines.

Beth said...

The rabbit is back! I love the Velveteen Rabbit. Looking forward to these.

Fran said...

I love the addition of a bit of color - those pieces really appeal to me - don't know why. Interesting process for transfer - thanks for trying out all this stuff for us!

marsha said...

great technique and lovely results!!

Monica said...

I love the look of that bird -- beautifully drawn! How soft was the pencil you used for the transfer?

Linda Kittmer said...

Tithe Velveteen Rabbit is one of my favourite books! I especially love that square but I know the birds will be spectacular when done too. Beautiful work Kit!

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