Serenity now...

Maggi Birchenough kindly alerted me this morning to the fact that no one could post comments to yesterday's post.

I had just uploaded a new blog template that I had purchased on Friday, so I assumed that was the issue. I contacted both the company and the author of the template and got ZERO response, so I wrote to Blogger who told me it was the fault of the third party template.

I waited around a couple of hours for a response from the company and/or author, while I fiddled and fiddled with it, making suggested changes I found online, all to no avail.

Still no response from the template maker/seller, so very sadly, I re-uploaded it, made all my changes to their html, found the code and re-uploaded all my widgets, etc; and an hour and a half later I was done, only to find the comments STILL didn't work.

So THEN I sent off another, more tart email to the blog author, deleted the template, and loaded a blogger template. I made all my changes, added some of my widgets (deciding in this particular formation, some of the other widgets were too many), changed my header size, and then TA-DA!!!!

Only, crickets.

What. the. *ahem*

So, I sent another email off to Blogger, and then I checked some of my other posts to see if the comments had disappeared or otherwise been screwed with, so I would be fully armed when they responded to me, only to find, lo and behold, the comments were working just. fine.

It was only my last post that they didn't work on!!!!!


Seriously. Seven or eight hours of work, down the drain.

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now.

A new beginning tomorrow.

With comments!!!!  :)

Kit Lang


  1. Glad that everything is now resolved Kit. I've just spent a couple of hours fighting Blogger which didn't want me to make comments on anyone's blog. Seems to be resolved now so if you have received more than one comment from me you can delete this one.

  2. Anonymous12.3.14

    Really like Serenity and think it is aptly named. Surprised at the green background but like it.

    1. Hi Ruth, this isn't a piece of art (at least, not in the traditional sense - perhaps some people may consider it photographic art), this is just a picture of small corner of Sweets' house (Sweets is one of my three betta fish friends.) :)


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