Week Links Post - 14

So, this week's link post is a bit of a mash-up. :)
During my time away, if I came across something that I thought you might like, I dropped it into a draft post (i.e., this  post) and left it. So some of these links are "stale dated" and you've more than likely seen them.
And then I stopped dropping them because I stopped reading online due to my schedule. And then a couple of weeks later, I thought "but then I'll have nothing for my links post". lol  Anyway - here's some links. LOL
The gorilla above is from photos.com  Photos.com are Getty images that you can a: buy on a variety of substrates in a variety of sizes, and b: download and use for personal, non-commercial use. How cool is that? There are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of images, perfect for inspiration for artists!

Over at Inspiration Green, Cayce Savaglia has incredible thread painting works, HERE

This is an art video - with an unusual subject. I really think you should check it out. ;)  HERE

Over at Textile Artist they`re doing an interview with Adinka Tellegen, who does the most wonderfully realistic textile art paintings. Extremely inspirational for me, particularly - but I hope you`ll enjoy her work too, HERE

At Textile Artist again, they're doing an interview with one of my favourite textile artists, Petra Van der Steen who,with her husband, make stunning art. Check that out, HERE

Here's a overview of Aurafil threads and how to read the labels HERE

An article in The Independent (a UK newspaper) about 'The Gentle Art of Quilting' (lol) HERE

Over at the Surface Design Blog, they talked about an awesome initiative by CARPA (Craft Advanced Research Projects Agency) formed in response to DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (which is so. very.cool. Anyway, here's a post about some of the things they made.  They're AWESOME.  HERE

Amazing wood sculptures HERE:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (better known as MoMA) offers short video "courses" on various artists and movements, and also close up slides of the works  HERE

The Smithsonian Magazine's 11th Annual Photo Contest finalists are posted HERE and in a fun twist, you can (still) vote for who you think should win.

And you've probably ALL seen Ron Issac's work because I have seen this original post cross-posted, like, EVERYWHERE from Facebook to blogs to online magazines to Tumblr, etc. But if, by some chance, you haven't seen the post, This Colossal did a post about his work HERE (and they really are worth seeing).

Easter Egg decorating! Okay, it's really late, but these are still worth looking at - artist Piotr Bockenheim carves goose  eggs (no really!) with beautiful results, HERE

And last but not least, SAQA's 25th Anniversary Trunk Show Exhibit is online HERE

Phew!  Have a great weekend!

See you Monday. :)

Kit Lang


  1. Great links. Especially like the thread painting and Smithsonian winners!! Thanks Kit!

  2. What a cool video! The patience and creativity are outstanding! Great links as always Kit! Thanks ;o)

  3. Thanks Kit. I have added the links to my favorites and will watch them all later.

  4. Great selection of links. Thanks Kit.


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