Back to the skull

So, I hadn’t quite yet decided whether I wanted to stitch the pattern on my skull by hand or by machine.
I did a machine outline in the colours I wanted to use (as you can see above), but once I had done that, my  decision was made. Hand-stitched it was! So...
But to back up a little.  First I got a scrap of red wool mouflon (you could use felt or any other thickish fabric) and laid a piece of bone-white (not pure white) fabric over it – in this case a piece of an old damask tablecloth I’ve been re-purposing bit by bit. 


I pinned my paper skull pattern to it, with tiny pins in various places, and then I free motion stitched the outline of the skull in black thread. That gave me “pattern” once again.  And then I free-motion stitched my hand-drawn patterns over top of the paper. 


And here’s the finished skull.
Now what?
Stay tuned!
P.S. I realize I'm doing a Wednesday post on Thursday, but bygones, m-kay?  :)

Kit Lang


  1. I love the colors and I'm curious about what next???

  2. I've always had an affinity for skulls. Your skull is gorgeous! Although I'm referring to the stitched one, your skull might be gorgeous too.

  3. Wonderful so far. Who cares whether it's Wednesday or Thursday - I can never remember anyway!


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