That new thing...

A wordless Thursday (just to be different).

More on this soon!

Kit Lang


  1. Looks good! I also have a long, tall tree-themed quilt in my long term plans, but my skills are not up to it yet. I love your quilting on the background. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  2. Now that's a tree!!! Trees are one of my favorite things.

  3. I hope this is old because if it's not I can't believe you've had the time to make something new while year end at work and moving!!! You are truly the energizer bunny!! Bunny Kit!

  4. Stunning! I love the colour of the leaves.....and the tree.....and the background......and......oh well, you get the picture.

  5. Hi Kit,
    Just discovered your blog and....... what a surprise - great minds think alike :)
    Please, check this link to see my take on this theme:

    I will unveil the whole work soon, it is different, of course, but the idea of golden leaves on the dark sky seems very close to our hearts.

    1. Hi Bozena - mine's not done yet either - and won't be for quite awhile - but looking forward to seeing what your finish looks like when it's done. :)


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