Week Links Post 32

At This Is Colossal, they're showing Yulia Brodskaya's art made of quilled paper - so interesting! here

Also in paper work, Hari & Deepti have made some eerie and beautiful paper sculptures here

Over at Textile Artist.org, they have an interview with Corinne Young who makes embroidered assemblages. Some *very* interesting work. Check that out here

In today's amusing, unexpected, and NSFW art, artist (and grandmother) Holly Stewart is making installation penises out of quilts, afghans, beads... here

In this week's street art, Os Gemeos (Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo) have made some amazing painted silos that you'll find at Bored Panda here

HyperAllergic has an article about Ai Weiwei and cats. No really! here

And just to end it all the right way, here's Overhead In The Art World.

See you on Monday with the finished piece!

Kit Lang


  1. I am always so surprised by the amazing work done with paper. Every time I am surprised all over again. Love the penises and the silos remind me of Sister Corita Kent and her tank in Boston.

  2. Definitely some things to chuckle over this week. Love the Hari & Deepti work. Didn't get to see the silos as it looks as though their site is down. I'll try again later.


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