Making progress...

So, remember on Wednesday, when I said I'd forgotten what this background was for? I really didn't, I just didn't want to say it was for birch trees, because that's all I've got. *heh*  Anyway, I started with...

Some of this fabric. It's a polyester satin that I was using in some other experiment 4 or 5 years ago, (that didn't work out so well as I recall); and a couple of years ago I was digging around in my whites to make some birch trees and tried it out. I didn't like it much - the black turned out grey and the white looked chalky...

but looking at it with new eyes this week, I realized I could tart it up with some layers of paint and thread. So here you can see that I've added some more paint in white, black and grey, along with a few hand stitches, and it's starting to look rather promising, right?

Here I've added some outline stitch with the machine and a single branch, because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to add branches or have them be naked trees. 

I decided I liked the branches and added some more...

... and this is where I was going to call it done, as this is what I had originally pictured it in my head.

But... you know I can never leave well enough alone. So, now that I look at it, I think a couple more little branches are in order; and the snow needs more definition, or bulk, or something. I'm not sure whether that will be best accomplished with stitch, or beads, or fabric, but something needs to happen.

And, I don't know. I'm feeling like there might be a cardinal in there somewhere, too...

I'll have to have a ponder over the weekend.

You have a good one! :) See you on Monday.

P.S. I actually put away the lutradur for this one! It's all fabric and paint. :)

Kit Lang


  1. I like the addition of the branches and the background gives a real misty feel to the piece. Look forward to seeing the results of your pondering.

  2. Before I got to the sentence that said 'cardinal'......I was thinking.....where's the 'cardinal'?

  3. I am actually laughing out loud!! I LOVE your birch which you were reluctant to fess up to (smile) and when you mentioned the cardinal, I lost it laughing. This piece is SO Kit!! BTW, absolutely love the birch trees.

  4. It always makes me smile to stop in at your place, Kit. :) Love your trunks.

  5. The trunks are great; the branches are great...but methinks a cardinal will either need to be on the ground, in the air or have a sturdier branch on which to sit. A flash of red would be fun, though, and definitely your style. :-)

  6. This is an amazing piece!!! Colors are WONDERFUL!!!!

  7. the birches are beautiful !

  8. I really like what you have so far.

  9. Lovely...I see your 'voice' in this. I look forward to seeing where it goes next. And I too was wondering about the cardinal. That little pop of red will be fabulous.


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