October 14, 2014


Sooo... when I left you last, I had assumed I'd have this done for you, but, well...it was a holiday here, see... (lol) I understand in the US it was as well.  So, because it was a holiday, I took a few days off in the studio too.  I thought perhaps I could get this done tonight, but I was wrong. Oops!

Here you can see I've finished the machine stitching and have done one stalk of hand-stitching. And here...

I've removed most of the colour from the background so you can't see too much in this sneak peek! But I'm continuing with the hand-stitch, and hope to have a completed piece for you on Friday. 

We'll see!

See you then. :)


Quilting Dee said...

Love your work! Looks great!

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

I love the mood created by the textures and colour in the sky, contrasting with the silhouette of foliage in the foreground.

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