October 22, 2014

Sunset Fields

All done!

Just a reminder - first we had the cloth background and a bit of machine stitching -and my "plus one" is one little seed head that I hand stitched before I realized that I hadn't taken a picture at this stage.

Here, you can see the hand-stitching is done. But I wanted a bit more fullness so...

Some machine stitching to fill in the empty bits.

I'm showing you this pic to demonstrate a new technique for mounting on mat board that I'm trying. I have sewn the piece down to another piece of cotton muslin, and then I sewed the whole to the mat board with invisible thread. You can only see the holes if you're reallllllllyyyy looking for them, and they'll be covered by the frame in any case. 
Ta da! 
It's amazing actually, how much work this small piece was. But I'm quite pleased with it. And I even managed to not put a bird on it! ;)
P.S. This was supposed to post on Monday. No wonder I didn't get any comments! ;)


yvette said...

wow, great work!

KAM said...

Oh Kit, this is truly a magnificent work with paint and thread...I love, just super love every bit of the work. Your time was, imho, well spent with the result of such a lovely work of art. Kristin

Fabian Burrell said...

I love your work. I am just discovering it.

Kit Lang said...

Thanks very much!

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