February 16, 2015

the mask is done

I've been taking a break for awhile, but got a little more work done - finally finishing the face.

Now to get to work on the rest of  it!


cauchy09 said...

a dramatic transformation. interested to see what's next...

Beth said...

She kind of reminds me of a dominatrix albeit a beautifully colored one. I am anxious to see what is coming next!! ps. Glad you are back.

Monica said...

I am so interested to see where you are going with this, Kit. It's like performance art! Enjoy the holiday and stay warm!

KAM said...

where you have gone thus far on "the mask" is wonderful - enlarged on the screen I took a good long look...great piece under way here, Kit.


Maggi said...

So much work and so effective.

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