Winter Song

Hello everyone. :)  I just thought I'd pop in and show you a commission I just finished.

It's 40 x 24", mounted on stretcher bars, using a variety of commercial fabrics, which have all been painted on or manipulated in some way.  The background is painted cotton muslin.

I worked closely with the collector on this one, so it isn't fully my vision, but I still had to put a bird on it!

Similarly, although the client had requested red leaves, this peachy background (also at the request of the client) clashed with red, so in the end, these gold-y leaves worked best.
As with the other pieces in the "Winter Birches" series,  "Winter Song" was borne out of my desire to convey my memories of winters in Northern Ontario: rounded blankets of snow several feet deep, topped by crunchy silvery white ice crusts underfoot; crystals of snow and ice contrasted on the black branches of stands of white Paper Birches.
A palette of white on white on white, interspersed with occasional evergreens, the varied colours of the sky, and the fauna of the North.
I'm currently working on five more commissioned pieces for the Black Lives Matter movement - I'm very excited about those. And Angelique has been very busy too - I've got loads to tell you about that.
If only I could find the time!
I hope you're all doing well - tell me what you're up to in the comments!
Until next time.

Kit Lang


  1. Beautiful, I love the flow of the trees.

  2. Stunning! Love the tree trunks & the bird.

  3. I thought this piece was a bit different from your usual style, then I saw where you wrote that this was not entirely your vision. To me a "peachy sky" suggests tropics rather than the frozen north. I can't wait to see the pieces you are making for BLM!


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