November 7, 2012

Experimenting with stitching and beading

Big night last night, no? 

I'm soooooooo tired - as I write this, I'm still waiting for the concession speech and then the victory speech, but as usual, Mr. Romney is making me frustrated and tired. lol

But I'm getting lots of hand work done. 

I think this will be done on Friday.  See you then!

Kit 120


  1. Love the colours in this. I too, am sitting here waiting for the speeches.

  2. haha!! I finally went to bed...I assume he finally did concede defeat??? Missed the speeches, but I am sure they will rerun all day!
    I love the colours and stitching on this piece!

  3. Anonymous7.11.12

    Kit,Love the colors and Love our President Obama,Blessings, Cleta

  4. I have just exhaled after 9 months of angst. Thank you god!! AND Maine is the first state to have passed a voter initiated gay marriage law. Hopefully this will in some way make up for the minority voting in the tea party imbecile LaPage (a real embarrassment to the state). Now about your piece. I love the way you calmed and coalesced the striking colors of the patched piece. Very unifying and a wonderful job. I LOVE hand stitch. You triumph again Kit!!!!!!


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