Week Links Post - 20

Art by Faith47, picture from This Colossal

More street art! This time in London and  Cape Town from Faith47.  Read more about it at This Colossal, here

Over at Hyperallergic, there's a post about Artists Still Not Getting Paid - interesting reading...! Find that here

Also at Hyperallergic, there's a post about getting your art career on track and some webinars you can take to forward it. The first one's free. Check it out, here

Various Artists - Picture from This Colossal

Did you know that the Sketchbook Project has a Pen-Pal Painting Exchange? They do! This Colossal has a story about it here

Over at Muddy Waters Art Collective, there's an interesting post on committing to your art. I found it helpful, perhaps you will too! Read that here

And Art News.com has an article about the "Changing Complex Profile of Black Abstract Painters".  I didn't know we had our own "movement" (nor did I know that we're apparently sectioned off into a group by ourselves instead of being included with all abstract painters, but there's lots I don't know. *harrumph*). Anyway, the article is interesting and introduced me to artists I didn't know about. Read about that here


Fiber Art In The News!

The QC Times has an article about "Innovators & Legends" and  "Local Threads" exhibits at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa,  through September 7, 2014

Mary Bero - "Stuffed Head"

The Westpost Chronicle has an article about the Shattuck Gallery’s show called “ Paint Pattern Print Texture: Exploring the Blurred Lines between Textile and Paint”,  an exhibition of five artists examining the shared language of painting and textile work. The exhibit runs from June 4th through June 29th.   HERE

The Westin Morning News has an article about a nurse-turned-textile artist named Jackie Gale, HERE

The Times Beacon Record has an article about "80 Quilts Around The World", a show opening at the Suffolk County Community College in New Jersey. You can read about that here

The Lansing City Pulse out of Lansing, MI, has an article highlighting, among others, two SAQA shows at Michigan State University, entitled  Color Wheel of Emotions” and “Mapping Memories: Michigan”. You can read about that here

International Fiber Art News!

The Hindu out of India, has an article about a show entitled "Quilted To Perfection" about an exhibit of Kantha Quilts presented by the Crafts Council of India. The Quilts of India exhibition is on view at Lalit Kala Akademi, Greams Road, from June 11-14, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. You can read about that here

Kit Lang


  1. Hi Kit. Life is so chaotic right now getting things ready for the estate sale that I don't have time to click on the link but I DO like the stuffed head and wanted you to know I am still reading your blog!!

  2. I love this post and the idea of a weekly link post! I wish I had leisure time like this to read all my fav blogs all the time! This week when they asked me three that I liked the best - you were in my top three :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I forwarded the Muddy Waters link to my daughter who is doing Illustration at Uni.
    I send her so much stuff and usually get very little response but she did take the time to tell me that she found it interesting.
    I don't know where you find the time to collect all these links but keep up the good work!


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