...so I took Tyler for a walk on the beach today.

He LOVEs the beach - he loves to run along and bark at the waves, he loves to dig for treasure, he loves to chase the kids balls, and sniff the other dogs and get pets from their people - he thinks the beach is his birthday party.

We live really close to the beach  - a ten minute bike ride - but we usually do the parks and dog runs instead.  It was such a beautiful day today though - 57 and sunny! - that I decided to take him to the beach.

This what it looked like as I walked up - un-touched photo taken on my camera phone - the sky really was that that colour and the lake really was that blue!

After two hours, I told Tyler it was time go home - and this was the look I got.  lol

And another look at that incredible shade of blue...

Kit 120


  1. Stunning.........seems your feeling better..good! : )

  2. Glad you are better.....we too have been fighting the 'crud' for weeks now....seems most everyone around here is sick too. I'm sure the fabulous outdoor scenery you have helped a lot. Beautiful area.......

  3. Aaaawwwww! Such a cute doggy! :-)

  4. Great pics....but where's the little ones bathing suit!

  5. Kit - you live in a stunning part of the world.

    It has been a fabulous day here too. But my 'home from home' is too far from the beach (though my real home is pretty close - but the beach is not a sandy one!) so we did the fields instead! But I forgot my camera! And it certainly wasn't 57 degrees here! We had our first heavy frost of the winter! H xx

  6. I KNOW that look. So glad you are "back" and feeling great!!

  7. What a gorgeous place to walk. Looks like your dog really appreciates it too, but dogs just seem to love walking anywhere, don't they. Mine sure do.


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