Say hello to my leetle friend...

I have a new friend in my sewing room...

As you know, we have cats.  And as I've also explained, even though I'm a dog person, we have a LOT of cats, and no dog. 

But I never told you that up until seven years ago, I was a fish keeper as well. Back then, in addition to my one dog and one cat, I had five aquariums, four of which had fish, and one of which had teeny tiny, totally cute African toads.

I had a terrible tragedy happen and over a period of four days, they all died.  My last remaining fish was "Larry" a betta fish that I had had for about five years and who I was remarkably fond of - one might even say I loved him.

(The Day Supervisor is very interested in the new edition to the sewing room)

Despite the fact that I spent days crying over Larry's death - or maybe because of it, I never got new fish to replace the old that had gone on to fish heaven.

I rationalized this by saying that they were wayyyyyyyy too much work (and they were - you'd be amazed at how much work a tank with live plants, fishies and friends to keep it clean is to maintain - a biosphere is really what a tank like that is, and you discover it's hard to be a demi-god!)

But every once in a while, I'd say to BSP "I'd like to get another Larry". (Over a period of two decades, I'd had four betta fish - all blue/burgundy, all named "Larry".)

But I never actually got off my kiester to purchase the set up - I'd long ago given away all my tanks, filters, water conditioner, and all the other accoutrement - and ideally, you have the set up before you get the fish.

Well, BSP decided that I needed a new Larry for my sewing room and gifted me with the works, with my choice of whatever I wanted to make a home for my new studio-mate.

And so, on Sunday, we headed over to my favourite fish store, to pick up a new Larry. I immediately picked out a blue/burgundy version and had even gotten so far as the cash register with him, when I realized it was time for somebody new.

So, I'd like to introduce you to Charlie.  When my new sewing room is completely renovated, he'll have a place of honor. 

And once I convinced my supervisor to get off my work I got back to it.

And the work continues...




So, apparently I'm open for business again. :) Say hi if you like!