Choices three, which shall it be?

I started with a tablecloth that had some rust stains on it...

As you know - I quilt my pieces to polyester fleece rather than cotton batting - and I've had some issues with bubbling - depending on the size of the piece and how densely I've quilted. This one was quite large and had a lot of quilting - and had a LOT of bubbling.

Rather than blocking, as it was polyester, I had to shrink to fit.  So I wet down the piece, and then ironed it from the back. And there you go - all nice and flat again!

Piece number two has a more traditional looking background, and needed to be taped for the lines. I keep stabbing myself with the pins while I was doing so - quel domage!

This is what it looked like when all the taping was done...

and then before the ends were clipped. (On this piece, because it's painted - I didn't bother with burying thread ends.)

And from the back, before I took the basting thread out. 

And finally, option three!

And then painted.

Gessoed and ready to go.  But which will I choose?  Stay tuned - I'll be starting on the next one on Monday!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Interesting to see which one you choose. I'm sure all will get attention in the future but I find the choice process fascinating.

  2. Very cool. Looking forward to see which one you decide on. Do you use polyester fleece so that you can "adjust" the cotton surfaces without worrying the batting will shrink up too?

  3. Intriguing...can't wait to see where these go.


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