Fence Rising...

A couple of weeks ago, someone had posted a reminder on Facebook that the "Super Moon" was coming. I made a note to get up and take pictures, because as you step onto our back porch from the mud  room, the first thing you see is the moon rising over our ivy covered fence, often, it seems, peeking out artfully through the clouds.

My plan was to take a picture after the fact, and show you the "inspiration" along with, even though I started it before actually seeing said inspiration.

Of course, wouldn't you know, although the night before the super moon, we had amazing photo opportunities for fabulous "moon over the fence" photo, on the night OF the super moon, it was raining. Alas, no photos. 

I swear though, the ivy glistens under the light of the moon, and moon itself sits on top of our shadow-marbled fence. 

This was a fun "Lunch time" project - I did the hand-stitching over a series of lunch times at work - saving it for those half-hours every day.  I finished it on Monday and then did all the background stitching by machine on Wednesday night
All done! Now I need to find a new lunch-time project.  :)

In the meantime, have a nice weekend - I'll see you on Monday with more work on the wings.

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. wow, pretty! you have some great productive lunchtimes. a good idea i might try to incorporate in my days.

  2. I really like the ivy and the hand stitching. I am looking for a great TV time project (hand work)

  3. What a great way to spend your lunchtimes. I love the way that this has turned out.


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