What Lies Beneath

I began this piece at the beginning of July, when my heart and emotions were a swirling maelstrom – brought on by the onslaught of damaging, derogatory messages to women that kept coming and coming and coming.

Legislation against womens' bodies across the U.S. on a state by state basis that told us over and over again that women cannot make decisions about their own bodies, that men: whether it be their employers, pharmacists or local / state / federal politician was wiser and more knowledgeable than they were about themselves, that decision with respect to the autonomy of their own bodies would be decided for them, because they were (apparently) not capable of doing so. 

At the same, time, I was bombarded – no more than usual, with messages from the media about what shape my body should have, how much I should weigh...  

what my skin and hair ought to look like, and subliminally; the continual message that we, as women are not good enough – and should be in a constant state of striving to be physically better in order to meet with the approval of men / society / our peers.

All messages that are the same really, continuing the campaign to control our bodies, and hopefully, our minds.

And so I conceived this piece – out of anger, frustration, fear, sadness, confusion, so many emotions I couldn't even name… a way to express that underneath this "complacent" surface that adheres to a proscribed way of being (feminine clothes, heels, make up, pretty hair, tasteful adornment) – there is so, very much more


That this outer shell is a Trojan Horse – my pleasing exterior an armour I wear to go to battle. That is a merely a cover for what lies beneath.

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Now that is art with a message!! Here's to a world where we can be ourselves!

  2. That really is an important piece which speaks volumes. I think that we are lucky in the UK in terms of enlightenment regarding legislation but the media is still heavy on reinforcing the importance of appearance. I love the fact that I am now old enough to simply not care about what I should be doing, wearing or thinking.

  3. Thanks for sharing the emotion behind the piece. It makes me want to dig deeper into it...take a closer look. Just Be & love yourself.

  4. Exactly which is one of the reasons I "DVR" the news and comment loudly to the commentators to kiss my ass. Your Art is much more civilized!! This is my I love you Kit!!!

  5. I love your art and the story behind it... we as women should not conform to anyone elses desires as to what we should be, should look like or should feel. I am now 61 and with that came a light bulb moment... I no longer care what others think of me as being important.... I am what I am. Years ago, before I got married, I told my husband " If there is something you don't like about me, it is your problem not mine - I'm not changing for anyone".

    Love your piece!


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