A Teensey Mistake...

So, I had this idea - it may even have been a picture I saw...  A lake, a bright blue sky, a smattering of clouds, some marsh in the distance - the tip of a cherry red canoe.

So, I painted a sky and a lake on some cotton duck. Already, I wasn't really happy, but I assumed that if I still didn't like it in the end, I could paint it out with ripples and some such. 

So, I put in the tip of my canoe,

And I stitched my marsh.

And I'm sorry to say, I didn't take a pic of the piece with the stitching and canoe in place. But I found the piece and pinned it in place.

You can see that the canoe, once quilted, ended up looking like a little red barn, and the stitching in the distance lost perspective and became... ? Whateves... it was NOT working.

So I trimmed out the canoe, and as is my usual wont - I threw a tree or two on it.

Phew.  Now THAT's better!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Kit - that has made me smile!! Now off to day job to grapple with business plans.

  2. I like what you ended up with, and believe you when you said the canoe didn't work, but I like that middle piece with the canoe tip in it...and hope you try again!

  3. It has a lovely feel. I like it when mistakes happen that take us to a different place.

  4. OMG, Kit. You are so funny. Actually the trees and the stitched march are my favorite bits!! Love those trees you "threw" in!!!!!

  5. gotta love the process! the trees and marsh are beautiful, though a nip of red might still be good in there somehow? an out-of-place cardinal, maybe? or a lone orange leaf hanging on?

  6. You certainly made me laugh with this one. I love the way that you finished it off with the trees


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