Evening Sky

Evening Sky (c) 2013 Kit Lang

Surprise! It's not a tree. It's FIVE trees! :) 

lol Okay, I guess that's not much of a surprise, is it? But someone left a comment on Wednesday's post saying that they couldn't imagine how it would turn out.

But let's back up a bit. 

After I cut out my evergreen bits and fused them down, 

the trick was the quilting - to give them body, depth and presence.

The background "fabrics" are composed of some of my hand-dyed fabrics, and some of my hand-painted paper towels (the greens, the blues, the lower greys), and the trees are also my hand-painted paper towels.

As you can see, I originally started out with six trees, but decided that was too much of a good thing.

But it definitely needed something in the foreground.

Enter - a rail fence!

I started out once more with this painted paper towel (to answer a question I had on Facebook, I use Bounty or Costco's home brand, Kirkland - they're the only ones that stand up to painting, rinsing, ringing out, ironing, fusing, etc.)

I first sketched my fence on the paper, and then cut it out,

and then I used some water colour crayons in clay, hunter green, forest brown and black to add more depth and shadow to the fence. And thento finish it off, a little stitching with my favourite burgundy thread. 

Yay! I really like how this one turned out.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so to my Canadian readers, Happy Turkey Day! To the rest of you, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.

P.S. Linking up with Off The Wall with Nina-Marie Sayre. Welcome if you're coming by from there. :)

Kit Lang


  1. I like the way that it's turned out too. The rail fence gives it a real sense of perspective.

  2. It's fabulous! I love the impressionistic trees and the fence. The stitching on the trees is effective and free.
    I used to live in Canada, happy Thanksgiving!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. I'm lovin' this tree series!! Happy Thanksgiving....

  4. I'm lovin' this new tree series......Happy Thanksgiving....

  5. Great techniques for a wonderful piece.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the giant evergreen tree and the fence post really gives the piece some depth. I love how you didn't make it perfectly straight but more like a real fence post you might come across on a journey. Great job!!!

  7. Your work always just draws me in closer. I don't comment all the time but every time you post something new it makes my day a little nicer. Lovely piece. Are you still working on the angel and boy piece? Did I miss it somewhere along the way?

  8. Wonderful! I am partial to rail fences, which I don't see much out here in the wild west (all have posts, but wire -- sometimes electrified! ugh!). And I love that streak of yellow in the sky. :-)

  9. Love how the fabrics play off of each other. And how the fence adds perspective. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  10. oooooh! gosh this is a lovely landscape. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy turkey day right back at you :-) LOVE the way you chose to create the pieced sky.....wonderful piece!

  12. You blow me away with your visions AND your executions. Just wonderful Kit!!!

  13. LUV the trees, of course! Great technique.
    best, nadia

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you Kit! It's a beautiful piece! :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. On both counts! :)

  15. I really love this Kit. Stunning work as always!


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