I haven't been around for awhile - and this was one of the reasons. I gave myself a nasty steam burn, when the lid fell off of the tea kettle when I was making a pot of tea. Ouchie!

And then I had some really busy days (going in early and staying late) at my day job; and with my new limitations, I can't spend long days in the office and then also spend time in the studio - so the studio has had to wait. 

And this calendar is already radically behind, as that first one "someone" which was supposed to be finished the first weekend is November, is still not finished now -pushing back everything else. *ahem*


I can show you the beginnings of another project.  

I started by hand-painting some cotton muslin (I LOVE how these turned out!)

Which I then cut into four -inch squares.

And began piecing them together.  

Clearly, there's no matching points going on here - and it's done purposely. At a glance the background should look okay, but upon closer inspection...not so much. It's part of  the message of the piece as a whole - which is one of three. 

But that's all you get to know about for now!

Talk soon!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. nooooooo! yikes, sorry about the injury. i hope it heals up quickly and you get back on track with the artwork soon. xoxo

  2. Good to see your post today, and the beautiful evolution of another work...Sending a prayer for speedy healing of that hand, and a bit less pressure at The Day Job!

  3. Hope your hand heals quickly !! Your new project looks already pretty inspiring ;-))

  4. OOOUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH! Take care of yourself! Funny, I've been painting muslin for my next piece...same warm greys too. But, like you I schedule my posts for future dates so they aren't up on my blog yet.

  5. Ouch!! That sounds painful! Hope it heals up quikly.
    Your new project looks interesting already...looking forward to seeing more!

  6. So sorry to hear about your ouch.......despite the limitations you have, it's fortunate that it wasn't worse.... Let your brain do the designing till it's healed!

  7. That sounds, and looks like a painful accident. I hope that it is healing quickly. Interesting background.

  8. Glad you are in the healing mode. Looking at and touching fabric has a way of making one feel better. :)

  9. Glad you are on the heal! Ste am burns are so nasty. And on another note I really like this background!

  10. Sorry, that is painful! Steam burns are the worst. Here's a laugh for you --- a couple weeks ago at 'quilt camp' I tipped my travel mug over and coffee came out of the sipping hole - I had a second to decide whether to save the fabric or my camera! The handful of 1-1/2" batik squares won out over the $300 camera. Fortunately I was quick enough with my other hand to grab the camera next.

  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery !

  12. Su mano se ve frágil.Pero usted esta fuerte.
    El deseo es como un rezo.


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