A surprising development...

When I left you last, I gave you good reason to believe I would be working on my large piece, working title "ethereal".

However, I suddenly remembered on Saturday, that I'm meant to have made a piece for SAQA's upcoming trunk show.  Being unprepared for such a thing, I decided that my old stand-by of trees and/or birds would be the best thing to make on short notice, and given it's a small size (10 x 7 inches); I got to work.

I began with this piece of white cotton, and having some idea that this time I would do a facing rather than an envelope closing, I gave myself lots of room around my 10 x 7 inch piece of batting.

At this point, I still wasn't exactly sure what I was doing, but I thought machine stitching some trees in the far away background would be a good start.

So I did. 

And then I fussed for a bit - spending perhaps 30 minutes pulling various papers and fabrics out, fingering them, waiting for them to say something, and then putting them back when they remained stubbornly silent.

But then I pulled out these papers and thought "why not make some birch trees? You've been wanting to for a long time."

So, I pinned down some skinny birches for a mid ground (still quite unsure what my focal point was going to be) and then I hand-stitched some little details into the bark with black thread to make them more realistic looking.

And then once I'd done that, I thought some more hand-stitching was in order -  especially since I was feeling lonely for BSP and hand-stitching, I could do while we watched tv.

So I began hand-stitching an evergreen.  But where shall I go from there?

See you Wednesday with the answer!

Kit 120

Kit Lang


  1. Love your little pine amongst the birches !

  2. Love the birch trees and the hand stitching is looking good.

  3. Even your sneak peek is lovely -- great birches!

  4. Besides being a tree lover and especially birch and fir, I have to say this piece is exceptional and you aren't even done yet. There is a fragility and stark winter quality that is just so appealing!!

  5. I love your birch trees, Kit! The skinny stems are perfect. What next, indeed?


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